Ghostwriting & Collaboration


What makes a story great? What makes a bestselling nonfiction book a page-turner? What makes a moving speech so powerful? What makes blog content addictive?

It’s all in the delivery. Above all, holding readers’ attention takes organization. You don’t just need to know what to tell them—you need to know when to tell it. Whether you’re working on a suspense thriller, a weight-loss book, a motivational speech or a laugh-out-loud blog post, keeping readers interested comes down to the same thing: expert storytelling.

That’s where we come in. With our grasp of technique and our instincts for storytelling, we’ve collaborated on more than 100 titles released by a broad range of publishers. We’ve worked with doctors, scientists, television personalities, professional athletes, psychologists, spiritual teachers, chief executive officers and animal experts. And we’ve worked with people who had no claim to fame but had crucial information to share or great stories to tell (or both). Whatever category you fall into and whatever level of help you need with your writing project, we can carry it across the finish line with you.

If you have a heck of a story to tell—truth or fiction—but don’t have the skills or the time to bring it to life on the page, let us guide you through the process. Your story. Your voice. Our skills.  

When you enter into a writing collaboration with us, we help organize your material into a narrative that flows logically and that consistently commands your readers’ attention, text that doesn’t meander or lead them to question whether they’re in good hands. If you haven’t established your narrative voice, we’ll create one together through a back-and-forth process akin to verbal sculpting, with you chiseling and shaping our suggestions into the writing voice you never knew you had. And if you have established a voice, we'll make sure it comes through loud and clear.        

Ghostwriting can take many forms. Each project is different, and the degree to which you’re involved is entirely up to you. A popular way to approach fiction projects is for the author to provide detailed chapter summations and we take it from there. For nonfiction books, authors often simply provide the information that will appear in each section and we shape it into a finished product (same goes for web content creation). In the end, it’s whatever works for you.   

Doctoring includes a range of services from reorganizing to rewriting a blog post, a manuscript or an article to produce the most effective and compelling piece possible. Our book doctors have a long list of "saves" to their name.


Professional Fees:

Ghostwriting and collaborating
Fees vary widely depending on the degree of collaboration. Estimates will be quoted after a review of the project and the existing material.

Blog and website content writing
Fees range from $150 to $300 for 500 to 800 words, depending on the author’s needs.

Flat fees are quoted after reviewing the article, blog or manuscript.

Gift certificates available.

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