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BookWalk: Write Your Best Book!

You’re one of a kind, and your book-writing course should be, too.

BookWalk is a private, individualized program taught by bestselling ghostwriters. Doug Wagner and Toni Robino will teach you how to write a high-quality manuscript that meets the standards of traditional publishing houses. Whether you’re seeking a traditional publishing contract, choose to self-publish or qualify to partner with a hybrid publishing company, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to write your best book.

Your Book Represents You

If a book is worth writing, it’s worth writing well. Too many authors make the mistake of cranking out a mediocre book just to be able to say they have a book. You could go that way and rationalize your choice in many ways, but unless you plan to sell your book with a disclaimer that spells out why it’s less than it could be, you need to write a book that’s every bit as good as you are. A book you’re proud to sign and sell.

Your book represents you, your brand and your voice in the world. Nobody flips through a lousy book and thinks, “Well, I’m sure this author is smarter than he sounds,” or, “I’m sure this author knows what she’s talking about even if she isn’t good at explaining it.” A bad book will do you more harm than good, guaranteed. So let us teach you how to write a great book.

BookWalk is for you if:

• You want to write a book that makes you proud to have your name on the cover.

• You have an amazing true story or a blockbuster idea for a novel and you want to write it so that it’s as good on the page as it is in your memory or imagination.

• You’re an expert in your field or a professional speaker with an important message to share, but time keeps slipping past and you still don’t have a book to offer.

• You want to thoroughly research and explore a particular topic and establish yourself as an expert on that topic by writing a book about it.

• You’re a wizard in the kitchen and want to share your original creations and recipes.

• You’re willing to invest the time and energy that writing a great book requires.

BookWalk is not for you if:

• You’re not willing to consistently devote time and energy to your book project.

• You want to write your book in a month. (We’ve heard rumors of a few great books that were written in a month, but don’t count on that.)

• You want teachers who will praise every sentence you write, regardless of whether it’s good writing or not.

• You’re fine with writing and selling lousy books.

If BookWalk isn’t for you but you sincerely want to mastermind and publish a great novel, memoir or nonfiction book, we can do the heavy lifting. Check out our page on ghostwriting and collaboration.

How BookWalk Works

Toni and Doug have ghostwritten more than two dozen books published by traditional publishers. The seven-step process we teach in BookWalk is the same process we use to write New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestsellers.

Our process begins by working with you to conceptualize a highly marketable book that's aligned with your authentic author brand. Then we walk you through each step of the writing and revisions process, and when you’ve finished your manuscript, we provide professional editing to ensure that your manuscript is in excellent shape for publication.

Each step includes customized assignments, personalized feedback and private coaching sessions (by phone or Zoom).

12 Reasons Our Authors Succeed


1. Don’t pretend that everyone can write a great book. If we accept your application, we know you have the ability to learn how to write a book that will make you proud.

2. Walk you through our proven foolproof process.

3. Get to know you and your learning style and adapt our teaching methods to meet your needs.

4. Help you to nail your book’s concept and mind-meld with you to come up with the best title.

5. Truly care about our students and are committed to your success.

6. Teach you how to use the secret weapon that shatters writer’s block.

7. Guide you to write a book that’s relevant, marketable, accessible and compelling.

8. Help you to develop your style and find your voice, create and develop interesting characters and turn summary into scene.

9. Show you how to awaken your inner muse.

10. Share strategies that enable you to use your body, mind and muse to improve your writing and increase productivity.

11. Develop a safe, intimate rapport that fosters the highest levels of creativity and performance.

12. Help you to creatively solve the problems that tend to go hand in hand with writing a book.

You Choose the Publishing Path That’s Best for You and Your Book

If you plan to self-publish, you set your own deadlines and work at your own pace. We help to keep you accountable to your schedule.

If you’re seeking traditional publication for a nonfiction book, after you’ve completed the first three steps of BookWalk we’ll take you on a detour and teach you how to write your book proposal or write it for you.

Most authors can complete full-length books for $15,000 to $20,000. The investment for shorter books, cookbooks and children’s books is much less.

Contact us for more information or to schedule a free discovery session to discuss your goals for publication.