Whether you’re suffering from a stubborn case of writer’s block, you have a great idea but aren’t sure how to turn it into a blog or a book, you’re feeling overwhelmed by the writing project you took on, you need guidance on your query letter or book proposal, or you just want a professional sounding board, we’re here to help.

Our writing coaches have held the hands and kicked the backsides of dozens of writers and authors to challenge and support them in achieving the writing and publication goals they set for themselves. (For highly personalized, step-by-step coaching to write your own fiction or nonfiction book, check out BookWalk.)

Before founding her first writing business, With Flying Colours, Toni Robino was one of the top facilitators of “The Breakthrough Experience,” a weekend workshop on the transformational work of Dr. John F. Demartini. She taught the workshop in the United States and in France and provided personal and professional coaching to individuals and couples. Today she brings this experience and knowledge to every individualized coaching session, along with her intuition and her understanding of human dynamics and universal principles. Specializing in nonfiction, she’s known for her ability to think outside the box, solve problems creatively and turn difficulties into gold.

Doug Wagner, whose experience has included ghostwriting in fiction and narrative nonfiction, specializes in helping writers to organize their stories into actual stories. It’s not as simple as beginning at the beginning and ending at the end, and Doug can show you how to effectively structure and pace your material. If you don’t know when to write a scene and when to summarize and aren’t sure when and how to employ flashbacks, his individualized coaching can help you to develop a writer’s ear.

When it comes to finding the best concept and hook for your nonfiction book, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. We’ll pair you with the writing coach or consulting literary agent who's most familiar with your topic. Together, you’ll nail the right approach, brainstorm titles and formulate your book's structure.

Our consulting literary agents can help you to prepare for your upcoming conference and hone your pitch package for your one-on-one session with an agent. Most authors are nervous during these sessions, and many don’t understand how to focus their pitch to whet the agent’s appetite for more. This is your chance to learn how to “give good conference."

Professional Fees:

$300 per hour

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