Chapter Evaluations


It’s a good idea to get some early feedback about whether you’re headed in the right direction before investing too much time and effort into a project. If you’ve finished the first chapter or two, this could be the perfect time for a professional opinion. We can make suggestions that will minimize the need for rewriting as you tackle the rest of your project.

We read your chapter and write a detailed editorial memorandum that identifies specific areas of the chapter that would benefit from certain changes and revisions and what those changes should entail. The memorandum addresses strengths and weaknesses in content, organization, clarity, style, grammar, voice and effectiveness at reaching the target audience. While chapter evaluations (CEs) can differ in scope and the type of feedback offered, most are about one page long for chapters 10,000 to 20,000 words.

An annotated chapter evaluation addresses the same issues as a CE but includes a briefer editorial memorandum than a CE does because the bulk of the feedback comes in the form of detailed notes in the body of the chapter itself. Some writers prefer the immediacy of this approach.      


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