Smooth Sailing

The Three Types of Editing: Which One Do You Need?

By Doug Wagner

You’ve probably heard that industry professionals agree that everyone needs an editor. So let go of the idea that you may be an exception to the rule and cut right to figuring out what kind of editing you need. Generally speaking, there are three types: developmental editing, line editing and copy editing.

Start with a Professional Opinion

Editing and proofing - not the same

By Doug Wagner

“Doug missed fourteen errors. Is that normal?”

“That’s awesome. Your proofer only had to catch fourteen things? Sounds like Doug did most of her work for her.”

That exchange was between a Windword client and Toni Robino, my partner at Windword, who was managing the project. It reflects a common misperception about the role of an editor, a misperception that might be summed up this way: An editor fixes everything, right?

Almost. Editors fix what you hire them to fix.