ScriptWalk Debuts with L.A. Story Editor

Windword Literary Services LLC has announced the launch of ScriptWalk, a one-of-a-kind course for screenwriters. Taught by a former feature film development executive and story editor, ScriptWalk is a private individualized course that walks writers through the process of creating a script or screenplay from concept development and writing, through rewrites and mastering the art of the three types of pitching to producers, studio executives and potential investors. This course is available to writers all over the world via video conferencing, phone and email.

“Telling a story in a coherent and understandable way, setting up conflict, building suspense, raising the stakes—all of this is part and parcel of solid screenplay structure,” said Sara Anne Fox, the program’s writing coach. She describes herself as a “creative midwife” and has been involved in birthing more than twenty screenplays for a major Hollywood producer.

Toni Robino, Windword president, said, “We’d received requests to offer a scriptwriting course, and when Sara Anne and I teamed up to teach a workshop at West Coast Writers Conference, I knew she was the right teacher for this course.”

Windword is a literary services agency that teaches writers how to conceptualize and write both fiction and nonfiction books.


Toni Robino, president, Windword Literary Services
Phone: 303-816-4244
Text: 646-369-0156

Sara Anne Fox, story editor
Phone: 323-460-2434

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