Smooth Sailing

Editing and proofing - not the same

By Doug Wagner

“Doug missed fourteen errors. Is that normal?”

“That’s awesome. Your proofer only had to catch fourteen things? Sounds like Doug did most of her work for her.”

That exchange was between a Windword client and Toni Robino, my partner at Windword, who was managing the project. It reflects a common misperception about the role of an editor, a misperception that might be summed up this way: An editor fixes everything, right?

Almost. Editors fix what you hire them to fix.

What Weird Al's 'Word Crimes' Video Should Mean to You

By Doug Wagner

The day my teenage daughter informed me that the dictionary she uses at school lists “figuratively” as one of the definitions of literally was a dark day indeed. The illiterati had won.

“Next thing you know, black will mean ‘white,’ ” I said. “Up ‘down.’ ”

So it seems a little late for Weird Al Yankovic to start waving the flag about the words that we Americans so thoughtlessly turn on their heads. At this point, what’s the use?