Editing & Proofreading


A well-edited book should wash over you like a classic movie or a favorite song. The writing should be so smooth that you forget you’re reading. And that’s what we’ll help you achieve: perfect flow. That elusive quality that keeps readers reading.

Transitions are one of the hardest aspects of writing to master, but without them a manuscript can read more like a list that leaves readers to connect the dots. Granted, readers like to connect some dots—like figuring out that it wasn’t the butler but the plumber who did it—but not when it comes to abrupt shifts in subject or tone. Those dots are best-connected by the author, and that’s one reason that a good professional editing service is an author’s best friend.

You’ve heard it many times, and it’s true—everybody needs an editor, especially in these explosive times for self-publishing. Without the layers of scrutiny that traditional publishers provide, self-publishers need to wield the fine-tooth comb themselves. Whether you’re self-publishing or preparing a manuscript for traditional publishing, our professional editors can ensure that your writing is shown off to maximum effect. And in the process of making sure your grammar, clarity and flow are impeccable, we won’t unnecessarily alter your voice—the biggest complaint we hear from writers who have worked with other editors before finding us. It takes instinct and experience to recognize when to let well enough alone, and we have enough of both to edit within the framework of your voice.

Whatever level of editing you’re looking for, you can trust that our top priority is helping you to look good. We know when to bend the rules to accommodate an author’s style, and we know when a little polish is in order. In other words, we’re not sticklers as much as we’re enablers—enabling you to shine.

If your first draft is like most first drafts, it could use some reorganizing and fleshing out. It could use scenes or anecdotes where you’ve written summary, and if it’s a novel or a memoir, it could dig a little deeper into character motivation and development. That’s where substantive editing fits into the picture. Our developmental editors will do most of the heavy lifting and let you know what else your manuscript needs that can only come from you.

In addition to covering the same ground as copy editing, line editing addresses the fine points of the craft of writing. Our line editors can elevate the voice, enhance description, pick up the pace, keep your dialogue honest (i.e., credible), and create quite a scene when necessary (as when, say, a character’s internal monologue spoils the surprise that should be there, or when it would be more interesting to end a scene a couple of beats sooner). Available for blogs as well as manuscripts.

Our copy editors will address the clarity, syntax and flow of your project. Available for blogs as well as manuscripts.

Our proofreaders provide correction of grammar, spelling and word usage. Available for blogs as well as manuscripts.


Professional Fees:

Line Editing
Typically $.03 to $.07 per word
Blogs: $75 minimum

Copy Editing
Typically $.018 per word
Blogs: $50 minimum

$.01 per word for projects not previously edited by Windword; $.008 per word for projects previously edited by Windword
Blogs: $20 minimum

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