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“Thank you to Doug Wagner and Toni Robino at Windword Literary Services, who guided me through the editorial process. Doug taught me so much about becoming a better writer. Without him I couldn’t have done justice to the stories in this book or been comfortable letting go of them. If you need to hire an editorial team, these are your people.”
—Brad Aronson, HumanKind (LifeTree Media, Vancouver, 2020)

Higher Love

"I could not have written this book without first learning to write, and I have the utmost admiration for my writing coach, Toni Robino of Windword, who graciously led me through this many-year journey in the BookWalk program. And Windword's Doug Wagner is the reason this book is as well-written as we like to think it is. Doug taught me the nuances of transitions and the fine art of writing while he helped develop my first, second and sometimes fifth drafts into a far more polished book than I could have done without him."—Kit DesLauriers, Higher Love (Archer, New York, 2015)

Living Rich with Coupons

"And then there's Toni Robino of Windword Literary Services, my incredible writing coach. You are a guide, a cheerleader, a time manager, and a friend all rolled into one. Thank you for your tireless efforts to get this book completed."
—Cindy Livesey, Living Rich with Coupons: Empowering Smart Shoppers to Live Rich! (Windword, an imprint of Archer, New York, 2015)

The Male Brain

“This book was written and rewritten with the assistance of Toni Robino. I owe her the greatest debt of gratitude.”
—Louann Brizendine, M.D., The Male Brain (Broadway Books/Random House, New York, 2010)