7 Steps for Divorcing Wisely: Do I Stay or Do I Leave? - by Cindy Hide, J.D.

“A brilliant and thought-provoking self-examination into one of the most crucial decisions in our lives. As a counselor of 25 years, I highly recommend this book because it facilitates in-depth awareness of the potential consequences of divorce. Cindy also offers concrete divorce education and self-empowerment to women who may be forced to look at divorce in their lives.”
—Annette Franks, M.Ed., LPC, gestalt psychotherapist and motivational speaker

“Cindy Hide has poured out a plethora of information to consider before anyone decides on divorce, except in abusive or dangerous situations. She includes a spiritual dimension that can be a significant positive factor during this painful process of discernment.”
—Father Tony Palazzolo, the North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics