Interviews 101
This course, via phone, prepares authors for audio interviews. We come up with 12 pertinent questions and draft concise “sound-bite-friendly” responses for the author. After providing you with these drafts, we record a practice phone interview and make recommendations for simple ways to improve your performance. You practice for a few days and then we conduct another practice interview. You’ll be amazed by the improvements, gain valuable interviewing experience and increase your comfort level and confidence for the real thing.

Investment: $450

Book Debut Interview
Susan Friedmann, president of Aviva Publishing, New York, will interview you about your new book in a fireside-chat interview format, conducted by phone. http://avivapubs.com/interviews

The 20-minute .mp3 recording can be posted on your website, Facebook page and other online sites, and it can be e-mailed to your contact list. You can also send it to your media contacts and to organizations that might consider hiring you as a speaker or buying your book in volume. Also a great marketing tool, the interview can be given away to add contacts to your database and used as an incentive for people to buy your book.

Investment: $350
(Authors who complete Interviews 101 receive a $50 discount.)

Catch-of-the-Day Consultation
During this 30-minute call, we’ll explore media hooks, promotional tactics and related news that you can capitalize on to increase your book’s visibility and sales.

Investment: $120

Customized Afterwords
If you’d like to put together your own package of services, let us know what you need and we’ll quote you a price.

Gift certificates available.

Contact us for a free quote.