You’ve written a fantastic book and you know it. The challenge is how to make sure other people know it. Not just your friends and family but tens of thousands of people who will eagerly hit the “pay now” button. Whether your book will be in print, electronic or both, whether you’re self-publishing or being published, you’ll need to create a big loud buzz that sounds like music to your market’s ears. We created Afterwords to address this need for busy authors. It’s the essential promotional package that every new book needs. Through our team of affiliated experts, we can help you to answer the question “Now what?” and provide you with all the guidance and support you need.

For authors who can do most of the work themselves

For authors who need a promotions partner

For authors who want us to do it all

Whether you have a publishing contract or you’re self-publishing, you’ll need to generate attention with a strategic promotional campaign that helps your book to stand out among the hundreds of thousands books that will be published in any given year. Just a few short years ago, when a finished manuscript was sent off to become a book, authors could sit back and put their feet up for a spell. But now, the savvy authors begin generating promotional text as soon as they finish their manuscripts and the top-selling authors begin strategically and subliminally promoting their books long before they finish writing them.

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