age later: health span, life span, and the new science of longevity - by Nir barzilai, m.d., with toni robino

St. Martin's Press, New York, 2020

"A thoughtful take on aging that should be of interest to all concerned with the overlap between health and aging."
―Library Journal

“In this technical but promising book, Barzilai scrutinizes the lives of centenarians to find the key factors behind their healthy longevity. Readers who enjoy learning the science behind medical theories will be fascinated.”

“Dr. Barzilai is the only person in the world who could have written this remarkable book. Not only is he a world leader in aging research, but he also happens to be one of the best science communicators on the planet. Age Later will change how you think about your own life. It is easy to read, humorous, and hard to put down. I highly recommend it!"
―David A. Sinclair, PhD, bestselling author, Lifespan: Why We Age?and Why We Don't Have to

“Many of us have been waiting for this excellent book on longevity by Dr. Nir Barzilai. Nir is one of the international leaders in the aging field and Age Later is a tour de force, compressing thirty years of top research by his group and others into an easy-to-read story on how to stay young for as long as possible.”
―Valter D. Longo, PhD, bestselling author of The Longevity Diet